This Agreement governs your application and activation of the USSC Service Apps. It is hereby understood that you voluntarily agree to be bound by the terms and conditions in this Agreement once you accept, fund, or use the USSC Service App.

  1. Definition of Terms
  2. In this document, ‘USSC’ means Universal Storefront Services Corporation; ‘UMSI’ means USSC Money Services Inc. an entity duly licensed by the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas as an electronic money issuer. UMSI is the provider of the Mobile App Panalo Wallet; ‘USSC Service App’ is a medium or mobile technology wherein a customer can do his/her regular transactions through an application designed by USSC to run on a mobile device or a tablet computer. ‘User’ refers to enrolled and activated users of the USSC Service App. ‘UserID’ refers to a unique set of characters nominated by the User to allow his/her access in the USSC Service App, ‘Password’ refers to a unique string of characters nominated by the user in conjunction with the UserID to also allow access in the mobile app. ‘Panalo Wallet/PW’ refers to an electronic wallet powered by USSC Money Services Inc., with balance loaded thru cash-in and drawn out thru cash-out from any eligible USSC branch. USSC Cash Card Prime’ refers to a prepaid card powered by CTBC issued under license with Via linked to a USSC account which can be used for POS purchases and ATM cash withdrawals. The card is also accepted in all Visa accredited merchants worldwide. ‘Credit/Cash In’ refers to loading of money to your UMSI Panalo Wallet. ‘Debit/Cash Out’ refers to taking money out of your UMSI Panalo Wallet, ‘Sendout’ refers to sending out of money via Western Union remittance service or Super Padala domestic remittance , ‘Payout’ refers to receiving of money via Western Union remittance service or Super Padala domestic remittance.

  3. ‘Transactions’may refer to the following:
    1. Send and Receive for international (IMT) and/or domestic money (DMT) transfer services via Western Union; Send and Receive for domestic money transfer services via USSC Super Padala
    2. Check real time balance for UMSI Panalo Wallet;
    3. Transfer fund from UMSI Panalo Wallet to Cash Card Prime;
    4. Check accumulated loyalty stars/points and its corresponding freebie for redemption;
    5. E-loading thru Load Central;
    6. FB messages or sharing thru FB and FB messenger;
    7. Branch locator with google maps;
    8. Lifeguard and Lifeguard Plus Insurance purchase;
    9. USSC Promo Code tracking;
    10. Update of Buhay Super points;
    11. Bills payment thru CIS and ECPAY API;
    12. foreign currency exchange through UMSI Panalo Wallet Peso transfer to UMSI Panalo Wallet USD and vice versa;
    13. Bank Transfer via Instapay;
    14. Super Pondo Plan (microsavings) via Home Credit Mutual and Building Loan Association;
    15. Purchase and/or payment of goods and services offered by USSC accredited vendors and/or dealers;
    16. Redemption of Buhay Super Rewards via ShareTreats
    17. Transfer money from your bank account to UMSI Panalo Wallet via Load from Bank module;
    18. Transfer money from your UMSI Panalo Wallet to another UMSI or USSC Panalo Wallet
  4. Enrollment Process, Data Privacy Gathering, Protection and Consent
  5. You acknowledge that during the process of enrollment, personal and/or sensitive personal data (“data”) shall be asked from you or forms shall be filled up requiring these data. The collection, use or processing of these data shall be in accordance with Data Privacy Act of 2012. In addition to these data, you shall be required to undergo electronic fingerprint scanning or biometrics for personal identification and security purposes of your mobile application. You give your consent to the collection and necessary use of these data, such as but not limited to the following purpose/s:

    • Personal identification for enrollment and access or use of your USSC Service App;
    • Personal identification or Know-Your-Customer (KYC) procedures pursuant to the law on anti-money laundering;
    • Business or commercial purposes related to the USSC Service App and/or third party commissioned studies or analytics related to the USSC Service App;
    • Other legitimate, business or commercial purposes which USSC may determine from time to time.
    • Choosing of product type will be done during wallet creation.
    • Validation of product type will be through the wallet’s account number.
    • One USSC Service App per PanaloKard only.
  6. E-KYC for Minors
  7. Mobile activation shall be allowed for Minors provided that a legal Guardian will agree to the terms and conditions. Minors are defined as people under the age of 18 years old.

    In addition to the standard KYC of the customer, the applicant must provide:

    • Full name of Guardian
    • Relationship to Guardian
    • Guardian date of birth
    • Guardian address
    • Guardian contact details
    • Guardian identification

    A customer service representative shall conduct a verification of identity through the legal guardian.

  8. Enrollment and Activation Requirements
  9. You understand that prior to the mobile account’s activation, you are required to have an active UMSI Panalo Wallet which is available in any eligible USSC station.

  10. Accuracy of Information
  11. You are responsible for and must take all reasonable care to ensure the information you supply is accurate. We accept no responsibility and liability for the accuracy of the information or for failure to transmit such information in the manner requested by you.

  12. Account Security and Password
  13. You will be responsible for keeping the confidentiality of your User ID and Password. You take full responsibility for protecting your personal information and account once you are enrolled in the service/s and using secure communication lines and internet connection when utilizing the service/s. You agree that your Password is known only to you, and as such any transaction done using your login credentials is presumed to be done by you or authorized by you. You acknowledge and attest that you, as the USSC mobile app user are the legitimate recipient of the inbound remittance/MTCN you are processing or have processed with the USSC app. In the event that, in your use of the USSC app, any inbound remittance that is intended for another person has been erroneously paid to you, USSC shall have the right to demand payment and collect from you the amounts that were erroneously processed in your favor and USSC shall be free and/or harmless from any suits, liabilities, damages and/or criminal action in relation to any payout error thereof. USSC may also pursue criminal actions against you at any time, if it is exposed by the remittance system, company records or another customer’s written or verbal complaint that you have processed an inbound remittance in your favor even if it was not intended for you.

  14. Customer’s Obligation
  15. For your protection, you agree, at all times, to: (a) safely keep any information about the USSC Service App and not disclose access or otherwise make them available to anyone in all circumstances; (b) immediately report to USSC any loss, theft, and known or suspected unauthorized use of the USSC Service App. You likewise agree that in the event you have a due and demandable obligation to USSC, its affiliates and/or subsidiaries, you hereby authorize USSC to automatically debit from the funds available in your USSC Panalo Wallet amount/s owing to USSC, its affiliates and/or subsidiaries. Within fifteen (15) days from the date of debit, USSC shall notify you via registered mail of the debit made and the obligation/s satisfied as a consequence of the debit.

  16. Ways to load funds to your USSC Service App
  17. Your USSC Service App is connected and funded by your UMSI Panalo Wallet.

    • You may cash-in funds to the UMSI Panalo Wallet at business hours via: (a) over-the-counter (OTC) at any eligible USSC branch; (b) such other channel/s as may be introduced by USSC in the future.
    • You may also cash in funds via Load from Bank module.
    • Value loading shall be strictly on cash basis only. Check payments shall not be acceptable as a form of value - loading.
    • Fingerprint verification is required.
    • Only the owner of UMSI Panalo Wallet can transact.
  18. USSC Service App Transactions
  19. USSC Service App Transactions can be used for transactions done only in the Philippines. You are liable with every transaction done through your USSC Service App. All transactions will be funded by your UMSI Panalo Wallet. It is your responsibility to ensure sufficient funds are available in your UMSI Panalo Wallet account at all times to cover any of your transactions and its corresponding transfer fees. Any charges or penalties as a result of an unsuccessful transaction due to insufficiency of funds or dormancy of the account will be your sole responsibility and shall be for your account. You also acknowledge that there are services wherein once transactions are completed, may no longer be reversed or reinstated.

  20. Fees and Charges.
  21. Cash-in and cash- to and from the UMSI Panalo Wallet is free of charge. USSC reserves all rights to charge cash-in and cash-out fees to and from the UMSI Panalo Wallet and you hereby authorize USSC to debit the UMSI Panalo Wallet balance for the amount of the service fees and charges related to the use of the UMSI Panalo Wallet. The rate of such charges, period and method of payment shall be based on USSC’s announcement which shall be communicated to you by posting notice of such amendment in all the branches of USSC or in such other form or manner as may be determined by USSC. The charges shall be binding and payable by you if the UMSI Panalo Wallet are still being used after the announcement whether you have knowledge of the announcement or not. If in cases of reversals, charges may be refundable as long as transaction has not yet been consumed.

  22. Unauthorized Access to the USSC Service App
  23. You agree to report immediately to USSC, your discovery of any unauthorized access of your USSC Service App by immediately calling Customer Service at (02) 8928-USSC (8772). USSC shall inform you after the blocking of access to your mobile application is done. Any losses you incur prior to the blocking of your UMSI Panalo Wallet shall be for your account. You further agree that only after the thirty (30)-day period from the time of the report can you claim reimbursement for whatever unused value is left on the UMSI Panalo Wallet. Reimbursement can be done either in cash, or via a replacement UMSI Panalo Wallet access, at your option, both of which may be subject to applicable service fees.

  24. Liability
  25. USSC shall not be liable for any loss or damage of whatever nature in connection with the implementation of transactions coursed through USSC Service App in the following instances:

    • Loss or damage you may suffer arising out of any improper, fraudulent access or utilization of the USSC Service App due to theft or unauthorized disclosure of User IDs, passwords, MPINs or violation of other security measures with or without your participation.
    • Inaccurate, incomplete or delayed information you received due to disruption or failure of any communication facilities used for USSC Service App.
    • Such other circumstances or reasons which effectively prevent USSC from implementing the transaction. This also includes delay of posting date for bills payment done via the bills pay module.

    USSC shall not be liable for any indirect, incidental or consequential loss, loss of profit or damage you may suffer or have suffered by reason of your use or failure or inability to use the USSC Service App.

  26. Ownership of USSC Service App.
  27. USSC Service App and access to it are USSC’s properties which the customer shall uphold and respect. At USSC’s sole discretion, USSC may revoke the USSC mobile app or terminate the use of the USSC mobile app without cause or notice to you.

  28. Customer Complaint
  29. You may communicate any complaint regarding the use of your USSC mobile app and its transactions by calling the USSC Customer Service Hotline at (02) 8-928-USSC (8772).

  30. Account Closure
  31. In case you wish to close your account, you may redeem any remaining balance by doing a cash-out in any eligible USSC branch.

  32. Disclosure of Information to Third Parties
  33. You agree that we may disclose information to authorized third parties about your USSC Service App (a) where it is necessary for completing transactions; (b) to verify the existence and condition of your USSC Service App to an authorized third party; (c) to utilize services of third parties and affiliate entities who assist us in providing the USSC Service App and related services; (d) to comply with the rules, regulations, administrative circulars and letter-instruction issued by the government or its agencies and instrumentalities, court orders, processes and writs; (e) if you owe us money or there are legal proceedings in connection with your USSC Service App information may be released to attorneys, accountants, collection bureaus, financial institutions, and others involved in collection, adjustment, settlement or reporting; (f) to protect against potential fraud and other crimes involving the funds of your USSC Service App or your USSC Service App itself; or (g) when otherwise permitted by law. USSC may also share information about you and your USSC Service App, based on USSC’s transactions and experiences with you, USSC’s affiliates and subsidiary companies.

  34. Cost and Venue of Suit
  35. In case of any litigation arising from your USSC Service App, you shall pay the cost and expenses of litigation and attorney’s fees equivalent to 25% of the amount involved and in any case not less than P10,000.00 and any legal actions arising hereunder shall be adjudicated before a court of competent jurisdiction located in Quezon City, to the exclusion of all other courts.

  36. Indemnity
  37. You shall indemnify and keep USSC and its authorized wholesale distribution partners fully indemnified against all claims, demands, actions and proceedings which may be made against USSC and in respect of any and all damages, liabilities, losses, costs and expenses (including legal costs on a full indemnity basis) which may be incurred, sustained or suffered by us, directly or indirectly, due to the use or misuse of the USSC Service App, negligence, misconduct or breach of any of these Terms and Conditions by you and/or any other act, thing or matter arising out of or in connection with these Terms and Conditions.

  38. Amendments and Notices
  39. USSC may change these Terms and Conditions or any features of the USSC Service App as it may deem necessary for the best interest of USSC, the customers and users of the USSC Service App. USSC shall notify you of such change through an SMS notification sent to the mobile number you’ve provided in our database as required by law. You are deemed to have accepted the changes in the Terms and Conditions if you use the USSC Service App despite receipt of the notice regarding the changes made or do not terminate this service after the effective date of the change as stated in USSC‘s notice. The amended terms and conditions, rules and regulations arising from these Terms and Conditions shall be communicated by posting notice of such amendment in the eligible USSC branches or in such other form or manner as may be determined by USSC. You agree to receive promotional information from USSC from time to time. In case you no longer wish to receive such information, you may inform USSC thru the opt out response thru SMS or email.

  40. Governing Law and Other Terms
  41. These terms and conditions shall be governed by and interpreted pursuant to the laws of the Republic of the Philippines. If any provision of these terms and conditions is, for any reason, found to be unenforceable, the remainder of this Agreement will continue to be in full force and effect.

  42. Agreement to these Terms and Conditions
  43. Your signature on this form constitutes your agreement to these Terms and Conditions. Should you be in violation of the above-agreed Terms and Conditions, USSC may, at any time, cancel the privileges extended under the USSC Service App. Your USSC Service App will be deactivated and any outstanding balance left on it may be personally withdrawn in any eligible USSC branch. You agree that the use of the USSC Service App is at your own risk and shall assume all risks, errors, omissions, and delays incidental to or arising out of the use of the USSC Service App.